Stealing Electricity!

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Today’s post is a little bit different. The story above is a true account and happened to someone I know. The method in which the neighbor was stealing electricity was crazy! My friend’s neighbor had drilled a hole through their wall and had placed a wire directly on their electric grid. As a result, every time my friend’s breaker switch was down due to overuse of electricity, the neighbor’s electricity also went out. My friend always wondered why their neighbor was so kind in offering to switch the breaker himself (And also wondered why they were redecorating a lot, apparently they were drilling too many holes to get to their electric grid)!

Unfortunately, this story is common in Lebanon. People are becoming more and more creative in their methods of stealing electricity be it directly from the government or from their neighbors. I’m sure most of us have fallen victim to someone stealing electricity from us. I just hope these people get caught and are fined a HUGE amount of money.


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6 Responses to Stealing Electricity!

  1. Liliane says:

    Sorry bass your friend is really a “good” person, every time the electricity went out in my place, I monitor my neighbors to see if anyone has the electricity out too, meaning they stole from us 😛

    been there done that, thus why most of Lebanese are paranoid.

    2 notes on the sketch :
    1- lmao at the comparison b/w the foreigner’s perception of things and the lebanese
    2- the guy looks like ned flanders 😛 ❤

    • Oh my God you’re right he does look like Ned Flanders! He’s the EVIL version of Ned Flanders lol. By the way, we do the exact same thing with the monitoring of the electricity whenever it goes out 😉

  2. Gaby says:

    I just hope the same as well…its just not right!
    what about parking spaces, we’re now having a major issue about that with our neighbors as well…after 30 years my father needs to pull out his car since the neighbor suddenly decided to take his parking space, build a tent (Nabaa style) and shed his own beloved (yeah the car) from all danger while everyone else should suffer…

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