How To Survive Conference Calls

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Disclaimer: If you get fired from trying the above method, I have absolutely nothing to do with it!

Have a wonderful stress-free Monday everyone!


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A software developer who loves to draw cartoons!
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11 Responses to How To Survive Conference Calls

  1. Justin says:

    Hilarious. The mute button really does wonders with conference calls. Personally, I always resorted to sock puppets to entertain myself… but only when there’s no cake available.

  2. Gaby says:

    lol awesome! 😀

  3. FunkyOzzi says:

    mouahahhaa… i think i’ve done that 😛

  4. Haitham Al-Sheeshany says:

    Now that IS management (mgt by wandering around) 😛 heheeee

  5. Fadi says:

    LOL ! I’m pretty sure I’ve done that. If not on conference calls, then almost certainly on regular phone calls..
    .. and yes she thought it was strange that I asked her to email me the minutes of our phone conversation 😛

  6. Chadi says:

    Aha! I knew there was a trick to this somewhere 🙂 thanks for an eye opener.

  7. i’m pretty sure i’ve done that !! more than once

  8. So trueeeeee! I hate conference calls!!

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