How To Become Stupid In A Few Easy Steps

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These were actual conversations I heard at the beauty parlor! Thank God I didn’t stay there for long, before my brain turned into mush!

Have a wonderful stress-free Monday! And for those of you in the States, Happy Memorial day! Hope you’re enjoying your day off 🙂


About Sareen

A software developer who loves to draw cartoons!
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29 Responses to How To Become Stupid In A Few Easy Steps

  1. Gaby says:

    looool the cucumber is smarter than the Goldfish 😛

  2. Dory says:

    hahaha good work on the drawings, but i loved the IQ chart !! :P:P funnyy!!:D

  3. Liliane says:

    Cucumber is smaaaaaaaaaaart! LOL

  4. Simon says:

    Try hanging around middle aged men who come up with their own theories about technology! after 15 min, you’ll truly believe that computers are run by magical elves!

    ps: ur on fire today! replying to every comment on this and other posts! my email notification is on overload! heheheh

    Sareen FTW 😉

  5. Aline C says:

    AHAHAHA another day in the beauty salon 😛
    goldfish, cucumber, rock lol

  6. Haitham Al-Sheeshany says:

    Real convos ,, real convos…! *talking to self*

  7. pat says:

    hehehe cucumbers and rocks hehehe the IQ chart is hilarious and so true :p

  8. Fadi says:

    I guess then it’s true what they say: Smart girls can’t be pretty 😛

  9. layalzgh says:

    amazing 😀 u made really laugh!

  10. tyk1982 says:

    Sareen in the last drawing, is it gracefully exit the building or is it “RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!”

  11. libanizi says:

    really funny… wondering how long does the cucumber effect last 🙂

    @Fadi, just thinking… can pretty girls be smart :p

    • Fadi says:

      Assuming they went to the beauty parlor to get pretty… I wouldn’t bet on it.
      And hey, I’m not judging, I’m just extrapolating from Sareen’s comic 😛

  12. KaotiKBB says:

    Bravo! hats off, i’m a fan

  13. HAha Sareen! This is golden! I’m sure these conversations take place all around advantage of not speaking Arabic is that I have no idea what the heck is going on! lol! Hope you’re coming to the tweetup on Wednesday, 😀

    • Heehee oh trust me, sometimes ignorance is bliss! I wish I could’ve been there this Wednesday! I really wanted to come but something came up 😦 I’ll definitely be there on the next tweet up!

  14. sydoniamuncy says:

    hey i really liked this, very funny and great cartoons 🙂

  15. Chanklish says:

    the blonde is hot!

  16. Jakub says:

    I love you Sareen!!!

  17. Ivy says:

    Story of my life Sareen! The cortisone one is genius! It seems like that drug, as opposed to the double cheese Man2oucheh, is the cause of all weight gain 🙂

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