Royal Wedding Invitations

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Aaah yes, the royal wedding… in less than 24 hours. Is it just me or aren’t you also a little sick of the 24 hour a day media attention this thing has been getting? I mean, did I really need to know that Kate has an uncle Dave who’s the black sheep of the family? Did I really need to know that she’ll be doing the make up herself? Did I really need 1 week of non-stop coverage of this whole thing?

And of course, in spite of saying all of the above, I’m still going to be watching the wedding tomorrow! Hypocrisy anyone? Heehee  have a wonderful day and hope you enjoy the show tomorrow!

P.S. I still think it’s wrong though that the public is essentially paying for the wedding!


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13 Responses to Royal Wedding Invitations

  1. Existential Crisis! says:

    Finally! Somebody should say something!!!

    So what if some good for nothing prince is getting married!
    Who CARES!!!!

  2. I have to say I’m proud of the Swedes on this one. We had the Swedish princess’s wedding last summer and it got quite a bit of coverage (nowhere near the english one though), and I think that took care of it. The novelty wore off, and it’s like most of Sweden doesn’t give a rat’s tush about the prince’s wedding. We mostly have football games and family guy reruns on TV 😀

  3. pat says:

    hehehe same here i mean we couldn’t care less, but still it’s fun to watch :p

  4. yasmine says:

    I think the only interesting thing about the whole thing is the funky designs people made in preparation – creativity just needs a muse. Other than that, I am not even going to bother with them.

  5. hishamad says:

    i didnt even watch The funeral of the pope, why should I watch the wedding of This couple?
    While the event of the year happening yesterday, my friends were all stuck to the TV and had stopped all their events to watch the match. I was just sitting their for the Arguileh, green peas and beer

    who’s stopping his work just to watch the Royal Wedding?
    (its not a rhetorical questions, waiting for answers)

  6. didielb says:

    i’ll be at uni so even if i wanted to watch it i couldn’t. and honestly who cares? the british are going to pay for it (thx God i’m not british on this one!) nd that’s abnormal. but what is even more abnormal is that 4 french tv channels are airing it, i just can’t escape! meh -_- anw tous mes voeux de bonheur pour le couple and bla bla bla (sick of it)

    PS: hope i won’t get the unibrow avatar this time ( and u guessed right Sareen, i’m unibrow-free :p)

  7. didielb says:

    holy shit i did!!! :s do something Sareen, my reputation is at stake!!!! :p

    • Lol I’m sorry Didi I don’t know how I would fix the avatar thing. Your best bet would be to create a username on “Gravatar” (click on the avatar you’ll know what i meant) and add your own picture!

      • didielb says:

        1-2 1-2 that’s just a test. i did what you told me, hope it’ll work. oh and sorry i’m polluting your comments section 😀

  8. Effie says:

    OMG she’s doing her own makeup! She’s so brave! I want to be just like her!!!!!

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  10. Moobz says:

    Its just sad…. the amount of money spent for a wedding. Just a wedding…
    I wonder how much they’ll be giving to charity…

  11. Chanklish says:

    a 50 $ piece of cake ..British are really dumb or really into the queen ( may god bless her soul )

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