Remember Those Stupid Emails We Used To Get?

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Well the good thing is at least I stopped getting Discount Viagra emails!

Meanwhile, is it just me or is the usual morning traffic getting worse and worse? A road that should take me 25 minutes is taking me 1.5 hours! I repeat, 1.5 HOURS! That’s 7.5 hours a week every morning! You know what I would’ve done with that time? Drawn at least two more comics. So if you guys are wondering why I’m not able to post more frequently…IT’S BECAUSE I’M ON THE FREAKIN ROAD ALL THE TIME! I was almost going to break down and cry this morning!

So instead of the usual stress-free Monday morning wish I have for you, I’m going to wish you a traffic-free morning instead!


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A software developer who loves to draw cartoons!
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22 Responses to Remember Those Stupid Emails We Used To Get?

  1. jbabb says:

    Great post! Maybe this Nigerian businessman can pay for some expansions on the freeways around there, so you can get to work faster 🙂

  2. Dory says:

    i blame the KIA company they’re giving every person a car :D:P
    if you are a student u can pay 10$/month
    ure a new employee you can pay 100$/month
    ure someone who has money you can have the car for 100$ (full price ! 😀 )

    so everyone is have 2-3 cars 😛 keshek

  3. Mich says:

    Lucky you! I get at least 3 Viagra ones a day, + the Nigerian one, + the ***** enlargement ones!!! Nice one Sareen 🙂

  4. Ramzi says:

    Hm… And I thought I made up my mine! Now that you put it this way, I think I better give my account info next time I receive this email.

    Hope I will be laughing afterward as I do now!

    Good job as always, Sareen:)

  5. Gaby says:

    Traffic free…hmmm I am waking up so early (6:15 am) to skip the crazy traffic jams…but I’m STILL falling for it at some places on my road to work! CRAZY!!!

    I think they should try the no traffic spam emails just for us in Leb! 🙂

    Have a great week with the least possible traffic!

  6. Kahlil Pfaff says:

    If you got mobile internet you could upload your work while you drive, increasing your productivity! 😉

  7. Existential Crisis! says:

    Well… I’d rather get the Nigerian business one mails then the religious freeks ones!

    Usually some Quoran or Bible verses, followed by …

    Send this mail to 10 people if you love God blablabla …

    Otherwise, you will be forbidden from heaven forever! …

    Saint X/ Prophet Y is watching… don’t you even try not to forward that mail !!!

    • B … but… don’t you realize what will happen if you don’t forward those mails?! You’ll get struck by lightening while being attacked by monkeys! Think of the consequences! For the love of God think of the consequences!

  8. Nabeel says:

    USED to get? Just check your spam box 🙂

    I used to have 8am classes at AUB. If I left home at 6:20, I would be at the university by 6:45. If I left home 15 minutes later, I would miss my class! God bless the public transportation in Munich. Forward this to 10 people or a kitten will get run over by a bus.

  9. yasmine says:

    Hahaha – I still get those, but I get Russian ones, and British ones, and this old woman who wants me to inherit her mansion in the south of France 😉

  10. Erik Briones says:

    I am always getting emails from the U.N. Secretary General… :))

  11. Ali says:

    The last one I got said that I won BMW X5 XD .. although there is no many such spams these days, I don’t feel so.
    I used to be a managing editor for a magazine, my stupid boss added my email to every singe PR mailing group he found, and I receive bunch of junk emails every day. The worse part is he didn’t paid me month and a half and I quit the *&^%$#@ job.

    Back to traffic jam, as one who adore and enjoy driving, and looking to the fact that I didn’t get behind the wheels since Jan. 2011 I wouldn’t mind the traffic at all, because being in traffic jam in your own car is much appreciated comparing it with being in traffic jam using Lebanese public transport.

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