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Awwwwww 😀 Happy Valentine’s day everyone! Hope you enjoy it with your loved ones ❤


About Sareen

A software developer who loves to draw cartoons!
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29 Responses to HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

  1. Liliane says:

    great tactic by the lady, expect the worst, gets the best. happy valentine’s day to you akhtshig, I know you’re gonna enjoy it 😀

  2. Nadine says:

    Hehe love it!! And I love that she’s wearing a red shirt

  3. Dany Awad says:

    7abayto.. good one Sareen.. Wish you happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

  4. Fadi says:

    Hehehe awesome ! That guy was lucky, some girls are so anti-valentine that they’d pretty much bite your head off for merely mentioning it. (yes, I am missing a chunk of my head :P)

  5. krikOrian says:

    I couldn’t help myself not commenting 😀 this is amazing

  6. Chantal says:

    Happy Valentine Sareen!!

  7. karem says:

    ennou she is already wearing red…
    didn’t he presented her a GIFT??

    nice work

  8. Adonis says:

    Exactly what happens, when u don’t have a BF then u suddenly do.
    Happy one luv.

  9. moudz says:

    and this only proves one thing: that girls are hypocrites 😛

    Happy Valentine’s day everyone 🙂

  10. nabeel says:

    Haha, I guess some instincts are stronger than others 😀

  11. Hala El Rose says:

    Good One Sareen!
    Some of us r actually like this, if not all. Well wat to say we like attention whether its Valentine or not.
    Happy Valentine xoxo.

  12. jbabb says:

    Good one, Sareen! Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day 🙂

  13. AWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  14. Karl says:

    The internet needs sappier, more expressive smilies; I love this strip 🙂

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