5 Annoying People You’ll Meet While Driving

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I really hope none of you fall under one of those categories! Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

*UPDATE* I’m getting a lot of great ideas from you guys! Perhaps a sequel is in order? 😉


About Sareen

A software developer who loves to draw cartoons!
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27 Responses to 5 Annoying People You’ll Meet While Driving

  1. krikorian says:

    So true So funny 😀

  2. Rand says:

    Oh man I love your blog! Yours and mine have so many ideas in common, first the Facebook pictures post and now this one, except we have some different types of drivers in Jordan (makeup lady is everywhere I guess). Have a nice day!

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  4. Haitham Al-Sheeshany says:


    we r ALL in a way or another I`m afraid! 😀

    U r brilliant, really 🙂

  5. khalil says:

    very true, but you forgot 1) the scooters and people driving against the flow of traffic & 2) the “VIPS” (politicians, bankers, wives of such, etc) that think they can block traffic for either their own private motorcade or to load and unload bags from Beirut Souks 😉

    If you’re relatively normal I don’t think its difficult to avoid being such a driver 🙂

  6. Dany Awad says:

    Brilliant. I always love your work.
    Nice job Sareen. Very funny, very true.

  7. Sarah Karam says:

    Love it! 🙂 And yes so true.

    Haha “Blood from my ears” was a great touch 🙂

  8. iRoody says:

    Let’s be honest, driving and swearing in Lebanon go together like a horse and carriage or love and marriage :p
    Please do mention taxi, bus and truck drivers in leb 😀

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  10. yasmine says:

    hahahaha – love it.
    I always seem to meet spitters though……worse than nose pickers….

  11. hala says:

    How about the BMW-M3-1985 driver and all the “betweens” he like to do?
    and the motocyles a.k.a. “mostik” people, but I guess this is a diffrent species by itself.

  12. Chantal says:

    Loooooolll….that is sooo True!!

  13. Ivy says:

    Adorbs!!! I may just fall into ” The Swearer” category, I’m so ashamed, but driving here brings out the worst in me 😦


  14. ritakml says:

    Hahaha! 🙂 Nice!

  15. Spot on with every single one! I notice all of these characters and I don’t even drive! What about the old woman with one foot on the gas, and the other on the break!

  16. jbabb says:

    Amazing post! I think I see every one of these almost every day while driving to work.

    If I were to suggest another one, it’d be the “Texter”; the people that drive and text on their cellphones at the same time.

  17. Alaa Chehayeb says:

    very nice post 🙂 keep designing :P:P

  18. Armigatus says:

    Funny 🙂
    There are more: those who stop on the pedestrian lanes AFTER the red light, and fail to see it turning green

  19. dodosays says:

    hahahahaha hilarious!!!

  20. Addison says:

    Oh I love it!!!!! I needed a good hearty laugh!

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