You’re Hired! (If only)

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While we’re on the topic, when has the “hobbies” section in your resume EVER helped you in getting hired somewhere?!  I don’t really think a software developing company (or anyone) would care if you “just looove swimming!” or if you really “dig” ballroom dancing.

Have a wonderful day everyone!


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10 Responses to You’re Hired! (If only)

  1. Existential Crisis! says:

    Oh… if someone can appreciate the despicable side of me!

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  3. Nabeel says:

    haha, if only.

  4. magicianandfamily says:

    You just have to have the right hobbies. 🙂 If you are a big massive nerd like me and your hobbies include the time you spliced a nintendo power glove into your computer’s serial port to make a virtual reality hand …

    But I admit I’m the oddity here!

  5. jbabb says:

    I have a feeling the resume may be a bit awkward if you tried tailoring it to impress.

    “Hobbies include:
    -Making awkward conversation
    -Sitting silently
    -Staring at the wall
    -Showing up early to work”

  6. ritakml says:

    Talking from my modest 4 years in recruitment experience, hobbies helped me a good deal in picking my candidates. Believe it or not, someone good at WOW is someone good in strategy. Coincidence or not, a big number of the good people had “Scouting” in common and scouting means a person who can take responsibility, who adapts to his environment, who can come up with a solution when problems arise etc… You’d be surprised! 😀

    • You do raise a good point regarding being strategic in WoW. Someone messaged me saying that during his interview he was asked how he was a good leader. He proceeded by explaining how he lead his team during a game of WoW and after that he was hired! I found that hilarious 😀

  7. Danielle says:

    That is so true! But I always right something like..reading, biking, community service..hahha it shows that you’re a well rounded person..but you’re right, I don’t think anyone every reads them!

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