My First and LAST Halloween!

I remember one year when I was a kid growing up in Qatar, all of my friends and I wanted to go trick or treating on Halloween night. We were so excited about what our costumes were going to be and I even remember a couple of my friends saying they wanted to become witches and other cool things!

Naturally, I wanted to be something just as cool. I ran home in a frenzy to tell my dad about our trick or treating night! Boy was he happy for me.

I ended up annoying my dad every day that lead up to Halloween so that he’d make me the greatest Halloween costume ever. I suppose it was days like these where he seriously thought about why he had me in the first place.

However, all my excitement came to a screeching halt when he suggested this lame idea.

I hope my reaction is enough to describe what I was thinking.

Dad ran to the hallway closet and picked up this old, dusty, cobwebby sheet. You would think the cobwebs would have added an excellent touch with the theme of Halloween. But to a 7 year old…that’s just nasty and icky! He placed the sheet over my head all the while convincing me that his idea was “awesome”.

To make matters worse, he thought of becoming creative and grabbed some colored markers. “What are you doing!” I fearfully exclaimed. “Don’t worry, I’m going to make you look even cooler!” heย confidentlyย replied.

That’s right. He turned me into a hippie ghost. I kept telling him over and over how ridiculous and un-scary I looked but he refused to listen to me!

I proceeded to go trick or treating with my friends. Their confused reactions to my rainbow-colored-old-sheet costume was fueling my embarrassment. What was worse was my dad had only made two holes to see from but none to breathe through.

Can you imagine what wearing a thick sheet would do in an extremely humid country such as Qatar? By the time I had reached the second house, my sweaty hair was plastered to my face and my only source of oxygen were the two eye holes. Basically I sounded like a mini Darth Vader

By the time I got to the third house, I ditched the costume altogether. Let me tell you, it was difficult having to explain over and over again why I was demanding candy when I didn’t even have a costume on.

What made matters even worse was the fact that not a lot of people knew or cared that it was Halloween! Some people even failed to open the doors. So I ended up with the worst Halloween stash ever (including some horrible fruit and questionable candy)

Never again did I go trick or treating after that!

But to go with the spirit of Halloween, I did make Yummy Mummy Cookies! (Although I’m too scared to taste them and confirm their yumminess).

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About Sareen

A software developer who loves to draw cartoons!
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18 Responses to My First and LAST Halloween!

  1. ritakml says:

    Hayeteh, poor thing!!! Love your comics bannout! Btw the cookies are really interesting ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Cailin says:

    That is quite terrible.
    I’ve only been trick or treating once. I was . . . 14. I went as an elf (I was quite the Lord of the Rings geek). The next year or two I helped with the church/community Halloween event. After that, dances, Halloween dances at an arts school. One year I went as a sailor (I had all my dad’s old Navy uniforms, and I fit them).

    Now, I’m too old to go trick or treating, and I don’t have any kids. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But I want free candy… Do you think I could take my puppy trick or treating?

  3. rasha says:

    I dared to taste!!!
    They’re the best mummies I have ever eaten!

  4. Simon says:

    hehehe. Ghost with Rainbow colours!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh very spoooky! lol hehehhe
    loved it Sareen ๐Ÿ™‚
    You think yours was bad, I remember my dad put a big box over my head, and poke holes with his keys for me to see from! hehehehe

  5. Fadi says:

    So… what are u dressing up as this year ? ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. abaretruth says:

    Oh, it’s so sad. You should have the best halloween this year.

  7. didie says:

    hilarious! ๐Ÿ˜€ i knw that’s not original but that’s the first word coming to mind…
    halloween has always been dreadful to me as people in my neighborhood enjoyed throwing big thick lollypops on our heads when we were passing under their windows. i did two halloween during which i ended with bumps all over my head for the first one and with a bag full of apples instead of candy for the second one. traumatizing experience for a 9 yo ๐Ÿ˜ฅ :p

  8. I really loved the stories you tell here. We aint got that Halloween tricking thing here in Brazil but we can picture how’s it.
    Ending this story with a picture of the cookies was great. Saved your blog in my favourites.

  9. haitham says:

    Child abuse!


  10. Riham says:

    Hahahahah. It totally sounds like something parents would do to shut up their kids and get off easy.

    I really hate Halloween, fyi.

  11. jbabb says:

    Hilarious story, Sareen. You should try going in that costume again sometime.

  12. Danielle says:

    ahhaha. a hippie ghost.!! Classic! Can’t believe your dad forgot to make you holes to breathe out of! haha hope you sent him this post! As for the cookies, they look amazing! Why didn’t you try them?

    • I did try them after I took the pic and wrote the post. They were pretty good! Chocolate cookies combined with white chocolate on top.mmm….Can you see a theme emerging here? (I’m the cookie monster in disguise)

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