Blog Action Day : Water shortage or Brain Shortage

Yes. I know. This was already posted before. BUT I do have an excuse for reposting (and nooo it’s not because I’m lazy). Today is Blog Action Day and the topic at hand is the scarcity of clean water. As mentioned before the problem of finding and supplying clean water to the Lebanese people is getting harder and harder. I had stated earlier that some reasons include climate change and our inability to conserve water. It was also pointed out by one of the readers, Ghassan Karam, that the problem of finding clean water in Lebanon is not only due to climate change but also due to “mismanagement by the state …” and that “Savings by individuals should be encouraged but that would never amount to much since the major use of water resources is agriculture whose irrigation methodologies are antiquated and archaic.”

I hope this post will make a difference, however slight it may be, to our way of life and our usage of water. Happy Friday everyone!

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2 Responses to Blog Action Day : Water shortage or Brain Shortage

  1. Celine K says:

    Cool comics! just discovered your blog from Lebaggregator keep it up.

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