Facebook Stereotypes: Competition Results

And heeeeeeeeere are your results! Click here to see the original post. Creative Commons License

The Groupie: (Suggested by Tarek and Moudz)
The Groupie is also known as your Cheerleader. He comments on every single post you make, likes every picture you post, and will do anything for your attention.

The Couple (Suggested by Christine Krikorian and Ivy)
They either create a joint profile or keep posting on each other’s walls every second of every day filling up your news feed with their flirtations. They no longer have separate identities (I know a couple who fit this profile so please don’t be offended! Just a joke :-))

The Athlete (Suggested by Rasha, Hala El Rose, Liza T, Josh
Need we say more? This guy’s main purpose is to post semi-nude pictures so we can all see the number of abs he has.

The Farmville Addict (Suggested by Armigatus, Chantal and Abir G
This guy will keep sending you farmville requests to fertilize his crop, feed his cows, pigs, dinosaurs etc. and will eventually fill up your entire newsfeed with every single move he makes on his farm.

The Passive Aggressive (Suggested by Justin Babb)
They NEVER tell you who they’re addressing their status to, and their passive aggressiveness is hilarious!

The Bridezilla (Suggested by Liza T, Simon Ayoub)
The bridezilla will post 10 albums of her wedding. Each album will contain hundreds of pictures, and will any of these pictures contain the groom? Naaah, why would they? After all, this is HER day! So picture after picture you’ll see her frolicking in some garden with funny poses.

Hononarary Mentions:
I really have to thank the following people for participating. They really did have great ideas but I was just too lazy tired to draw more cartoons! Thank you so much guys, and you still get to have genius titles.

IRoody for “The Ego” (and yes you can add this genius title to your C.V :D)
Fadi Bitar for “The Tagger” and “I LIKE myself”. I really did like the Tagger idea :D.
-Nabeel for “The Womanizer/Collector” and ALSO for giving me the idea to do a Facebook competition.
Rasha for the MILLION ideas! Although you got a mention above in the cartoons, you get another mention here because you had a surplus of ideas!
-Mohammad Fawaz for “The Ego” and “The Intellectual”. Sorry for not being able to draw any of them!
-Zahi Ak for the “The Fake Status Updater”. That really is funny man but as I said, I didn’t have time to draw it..
Gaby for the Stalker. That one really came close to being a cartoon 🙂
Gosh, I hope I didn’t leave anyone out. Thanks again everybody and hope you enjoyed today’s post! Have a wonderful Monday


About Sareen

A software developer who loves to draw cartoons!
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36 Responses to Facebook Stereotypes: Competition Results

  1. krikorian says:

    I am the first to comment HOLLEY 😀 ‘

    and I must say that this made my day Loved it so much 😀 Brilliant

  2. Simon says:

    Yay, you did the The Bridezilla 😀
    So totally AweSOME 😀

  3. Posky says:

    This post could go on and on because there are, at least, seven other profile types that drive me absolutely insane on facebook.

    This was a funny article and I’m glad you posted.

  4. Haitham Al-Sheeshany says:

    FB is ruining what`s left of our lives 😉 😛


  5. Mohammed says:

    Absolutely brilliant and hilarious. The Groupie is spot on 😀

  6. Rand says:

    Ok I did this once with some different types, here it is 😀
    I love the cartoons!

  7. Khaled Hakim says:

    Good share. I wish someone’d create something like this for twitter personalities out there. That’d be fun. 🙂

  8. Tarek says:

    😀 I’m really enjoying this… It’s really funny when you see each stereotype and then you see who on your friends list fits where 🙂 (and where you would fit yourself :P)

    I think there should be other posts in this series to go around the other stereotypes 🙂

  9. Gaby says:

    LOL I love those!

  10. Danielle says:

    Yes Yes! Create one for twitter personalities! Great work Sareen..

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  12. moudz says:

    So where do we pick up our free iPads? 😛 Hehehe ❤

  13. Chantal says:

    That is so cool Sareen!! Your post is a big success 😀

  14. Armigatus says:

    Yay my idea got picked 🙂
    ( here is a link to my blog BTW: http://armigatus.wordpress.com/ )

    When shall we see the Hononarary Mentions in cartoons?

  15. Armigatus says:

    Yay my idea got picked 🙂
    ( here is a link to my blog BTW: http://armigatus.wordpress.com )

    When shall we see the Hononarary Mentions in cartoons?

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  17. Ivy says:

    Sareen! This is fab! Thanks for posting
    and I especially loved your bride…



  18. Christine says:

    Wow 😀 Thanks Sareen for posting my idea.. this is so much fun!!! 😀

  19. iRoody says:

    well done again and again hehehe! I actually was aiming more on the Facebook aegrotus but I will leave you the choice :p
    I think I am more like a kid when I visit this link, I just looks at the pictures first 😀

    Great job, keep it going!

  20. iRoody says:

    I actually did comment before, but it disapeared :O
    Anyhooooo I said well done, keep on the good work! Oh yea and I said that I wanted it to be Facebook aegrotus :s yalla next competition!

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  23. Rhéa H says:

    Your comic is very interesting and focused. I like the social issues you analyze with a pinch of humor. Unfortunately, I am having a hard time “liking” your posts, the button seems not to work properly. So thumbs up here !

  24. Chanklish says:

    a more hilarious version is available on theoatmeal.com

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