Facebook Stereotypes: A Competition for you readers

Hi everyone,

As you noticed, this post isn’t a new cartoon. It’s about a little competition I’m holding with you fine readers. Yesterday’s post about your “Weird” Facebook friends was a huge success (thanks to all of you) that I got so many requests for additional Facebook stereotypes I seemed to have left out.

The competition is this. Leave a comment on the blog or the Facebook fan page (or even twitter) for any stereotype I may have missed. The top 5  – 6 (depending on how many ideas are out there) ideas will be created into a cartoon. Of course I’ll have to mention your name as the genius behind the idea 😉 so don’t forget to leave your complete name (and don’t be shy about it).

Post away dear friends!

Lotsa love,


About Sareen

A software developer who loves to draw cartoons!
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43 Responses to Facebook Stereotypes: A Competition for you readers

  1. Mohamad Fawaz says:

    The egoist, who thinks everyone wants to know every single detail about his/her so interesting life:
    1- I took a walk with my dog and cleaned its poop. It smelled really bad, but I really love snuffles<–the dog.
    2- I am going to blink in a while..oh now, any moment, oh yes i blinked just about now (I wanted to say fart, but i thought it would be rude)
    (I think you can say a lot more here, so add some stuff. after all, ur the comedian :@)

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  3. iRoody says:

    hmmm interesting, if my idea goes through I will be for the first time in my life called genius!
    So my Stereotype is: Facebook aegrotus ( I like how it sounds :D)
    So this is the one who has facebook sickness and tells us every details of his/her life 😀

    • Haha I had to look up what that word meant! It’s sorta similar to the idea posted to Mohamad’s in the previous post (but I’ll still mention your genius :D)

      • iRoody says:

        hehe I saw Mohamad’s post after I posted mine lol! If and only IF you will mention my genius part, I will print it out and add it to my resume. lol I am trying to imagine, me presenting this with my resume.

        Anywhoo, again great work you are doing, keep it up!

  4. rasha says:

    The politics enthusiast

    The Shakespeare (A little note to you Mr. : we couldn’t care less about your stupid existential notes!).

    The athlete (or so does he call himself, and he can’t stop showing us his 6 packs!)

    The religious (We get it : you love God, can you stop posting those Saints pictures!, and those Quran daily quotes! (trying to be fair with all religions 🙂 )

  5. rasha says:

    The Doctor wanna be (his barely in his freshman year, and he can’t stop sharing links about medical surgeries, and all his photos are in a white coat… get over it… there a zillion other MD student outhere! )

  6. rasha says:

    The “I think I’m a professional photograph” -> you know who that is 😛

  7. Hala El Rose says:

    Hi Sareen,
    ur doing an excellent job! keep up the good work 🙂

    there is one character that bugs me a lot and is definetly a facebook stereotype, he is the guy holding his phone infront of a mirror trying to take a sexy shot of his abs, and his extra tanned biceps, or the one who takes many poses with the sunset behind him as a background or beach waves, trying to look hopelessly like a Don Juan but in a clueless-geek-irritating way.

    i’m a great fan, love ur work.
    Cheers 😉

  8. nabeel says:

    I don’t have a good name yet, but those guys whose single aim seems to be to collect as many female friends on fb as possible.

    They go around adding random girls they have no connection to, to appear popular.

    The collector? 🙂

  9. Abir says:

    The addicted GAMER that keep sending those damn farmville cow invitation, and if u click on his wall u only see games and games…

  10. rasha says:

    The activist (He keeps sending you all these invitations to events concerned with World Hunger, Stop slaughtering cows, and Save the planet sort of things)

  11. Fadi says:

    One idea per person people ! And rasha stop hogging the comments section 😛

  12. Tarek says:

    The connected: they’re always connected to facebook and they fill up your newsfeed with so much crap (me!)
    The groupie: likes and comments on everything you.. Kinda like the ex but more aggressive and comment on every activity you perform (yes i have people like that!)

  13. Mohamad Fawaz says:

    The smart one, and that’s the one who didn’t leave out any quote or book, from his/her personal ‘interests’, who have done all types of IQ tests (with high scores on all of them of course), who has the best personality in all personality tests, yet is so dumb and despicable that no one can stand him.

  14. Christine says:

    Sareen this is a perfect idea 😀 great job
    So ill say “The perfect couple”
    they keep posting on each other’s wall “iloveyou”which is the simplest ,
    as if they are far away from each other, out of cellphone or whatever..
    Good luck !!

  15. Liza says:

    Great idea Sareen. Ok the people who piss me off the most:
    – The athelete who posts pictures of him/her at every competition so that people can admire their achievements.
    – The girls (mostly) who post all their wedding pictures. But wait, from Part 1 to Part 10 🙂 So everyone can see alllll the pics. As if people were actually going to browse through all the 2500 pics!
    – The people who live right next to each other but keep on sending poems, love notes to each other every single day on facebook. You know all the mushy mushy things that are supposed to be provate
    – The people who post comments such as: Great clubbing in Beirut, Great nightlife this season, Beirut is hot hot hot tonight.. The all-time partyyyyyyyyyyyyyy people so that people can see how cool they are!
    – People who post as their status the country they’re in the whole time. Even if they’re in a country just for transit!!

    Uffff.. there are soooooo many other characters. I’ll post some others soon 🙂

    • Simon says:

      luv this one, wat about the girls who post 10 albums of their wedding without a single pic of the groom! every single pic is the bride in some garden! and her gfs hehehe

  16. Armigatus says:

    Great idea Sareen 🙂

    The most annoying sterortype is… the spammer!
    I want food for my green Farmville cow, …
    … and fish in my aquarium, …
    … and a ball for my Christmas tree, …
    … and “Help the People in Haiti” by clicking this fake application…
    I also learned that “this fortune cookie tells me you will die tomorrow twice,” “my fictional bear is Winnie-the-Pooh,” “my top friend is Nadine who is yours”, and “I am 95% lucky today”

    Thank you Facebook, I feel so smarter now

  17. Josh says:

    – I hate people who post pictures of themselves for no reason… especially with the duckface, and the classic arm coming into the side of the picture to hold their own camera
    – Girls who post on facebook about how much they love their boyfriend… seriously… who cares?!
    – Guys with super douchey pictures… I remember this dude who had his shirt off, glasses on, pointing his fingers at the camera… so damn pathetic

  18. Liza says:

    Wait wait, I have another one: the mother daughter conversations on facebook. I love you mommmyyyyyy… I love you more sweatheart!! 🙂

  19. Nabeel says:

    Yes, this is truly an awesome idea 😛

  20. Fadi says:

    Here’s a couple that might have slipped by everyone:

    – The Tagger: He tags you in every single greeting card for every holiday, along with a gazillion other people so that whenever any of these people comments on the picture, you get a notification. Also, on occasion, he finds truly embarrassing pictures of his friends, posts them, and of course, tags them for maximum effect.

    – The “I like myself” (my all-time favorite): This facebook character updates his status, then likes it and comments on it before anybody else does. (And usually nobody else ever does)

    Cheers !

  21. jbabb says:

    Here are a few I’ve encountered:

    The barely literate: Updates are either IN ALL CAPS or AlTeRnAtInG cApS. Spelling is horrible, and excessively uses 1334sp33k and/or acronyms. Reading anything from them makes you cringe and may take several minutes to decode. “PARTAYYY thiz wknd HOLLA @my boo! LULZFTWKTHXBYE

    the passive agressive: Generally uses updates on their page to attack people. “I was late to work today because SOMEONE forgot to pick me up.”

    the Karaoke singer:: Most of their updates are nothing but song lyrics. Their friends may chime in with the next line of the song, making this extra annoying.

  22. Zak says:

    Those that start their day as follows:
    paste as status.
    Mission accomplished. smart for the day.

  23. Simon says:

    The Poser: The girl that posts daily pics of herself from her mobile phone with her lips sticking out and doing the peace sign!! (ewwwwwwwww…. stop freaking doing that lips things! its ugly!)

    The Friendly Cool Hip Parent the dad/mom who comments on every pic of their children’s friends, and asks them how was their weekends and stuff! Facebook is not a place for parents!!!

  24. Chantal says:

    That is such an amazing idea Sareen!!
    It’ll be those sending me to not to forget to feed my fish, as if i don’t have something more important to do!!

  25. rasha says:

    The traveler : They have this Map of “Places I visit” that is completely filled, and they have an album from every possible country in the world! Yes we get it! You’re so rich you don’t have to work, and your little pass time hobby is traveling!! Now move on!

  26. Ivy says:

    Sareen this is so much fun!!! Loving it!
    The ideas posted by many are amazing! The mom and daughter commenting on each other is def true, and so is the bride photo shoot in the garden , and I absolutely agree with Rasha with the narcissist traveler.
    To add to Liza’s point: What about the couple that wouldn’t be caught dead without a pic of both of them on their profile pics, never alone! And they bombard you with PDA pics until you can’t take it anymore: she’s kissing his cheek he is hugging her, it’s like they are committed to showing the world that they are physically into each other.

    Or the self-promoting ambitious girl, all her pics and statuses are ” hey guys check out the interview I had today on this channel” or, hey ” guys here’s the article I wrote” , ” this is a pic of me in a conference on world peace.” Ughhh Spare us…

    Or the guy that is so in love with his sports car- he posts pics of it in the parking, in the car wash, he even has a pic of it on his profile, and he also refers to it like it were his girlfriend.” Here’s my sexylilthang and me on the autostrade”

    But my favorite is what us girls comment on each others pics
    Lets say “X” just posted a pic of her over-dressed for a dinner, a flock of her girlfriends will all comment the following under her pics.
    Oh My god “X” you are so beautiful
    Habity you are stunning love you
    Inty Hilweh!
    This is so sexy X-keep it up
    and then “X” replies
    Thanks girls love you all, keep em coming!


  27. moudz says:

    Your best friend’s girl friend who has no life but to stalk your and his profile, like and comment on every interaction with your best friend or even any mutual friend you may have with her. It gets so annoying to the point that she is desperate for “liking” material that she starts liking your friend connections or even photo albums from three years ago.

    I tend to refer to such people as cyber whores (also commonly known as attention whore)

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