Your (Weird) Facebook Friends Are:

To those of you who fit in one or more of the below categories, cheer up! It’s just for fun 😀

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About Sareen

A software developer who loves to draw cartoons!
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18 Responses to Your (Weird) Facebook Friends Are:

  1. Gaby says:

    lol nice one! 😀

  2. nabeel says:

    Haha, this is great. I’m gonna be thinking about more stereotypes all day….

  3. moudz says:

    The last one is the best one. Cracked me up.. hehe XD

  4. rasha says:

    How about duck faces 😛

  5. Haitham Al-Sheeshany says:

    lool, nice 1, I`m a FB-free person since 2008! After reading this seems I will come back 😉

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  7. abaretruth says:

    The parents one is a killer

  8. iRoody says:

    Good one, again a well done post 🙂
    Keep it up…

  9. Mario Awad says:

    Note: they would never be caught in the same outfit twice and thus are going broke… HAHAHA… Great post Sareen 😀

  10. Basem says:

    LOVED IT 😀 … bull’s eye

  11. jbabb says:

    Hilarious! Unfortunately, I’m a bit guilty of the last one as well.

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  13. Danielle says:

    HAHA Sareen this is great!

  14. Ziad says:

    Haha, good work 😀

  15. Eliane says:

    Im actually a new fan and loving ur posts 😀

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