Employee Productivity Chart (Or Lack Of!)

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About Sareen

A software developer who loves to draw cartoons!
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13 Responses to Employee Productivity Chart (Or Lack Of!)

  1. Gaby says:

    Just love it!
    Spot on! 🙂

  2. Liliane says:

    You sure your boss doesn’t know your website ? 😛 lol

    and yes yes great chart, they should be used in scientific research phd thesis papers!

  3. Hsn says:

    Hahaha! The productivity pick just before leaving! Awesome!

  4. meinlebanon says:

    HAHAH! Great post! I’m going to share this one around the office! Keep them coming!

  5. El Santo says:

    Awesome! And very, very true.

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  7. wildcrane says:

    lol. This is hilarious!

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  9. Joelle says:

    Sareen, ken ba3ed na2es your cartoons to just annihilate our work creativity. As if Twitter wasn’t enough! #MustStopReadingAndTweeting

  10. Joelle says:

    I meant to say productivity. But creativity ray7a ma3a.

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