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I was at the beach a couple of days ago and I could have sworn that EVERY SINGLE person there looked like the exact copy of the two people shown above! I just found it very funny 😀


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A software developer who loves to draw cartoons!
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  1. Zahi says:

    hahahhahahhhahahhahahhahahahha, once again chapeau bas:D and so true of course! 😀

  2. seleucid says:

    It’s virtually impossible to spend so much time and effort on yourself and not end up full of it… may God grant us the serenity of a healthy psyche 😀

    First time commenter, love your work

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  4. Mhammad says:

    hahaha that’s funny 😛
    what beach is that ?

  5. Ahmad says:


    you missed the booze tho!

    so true! last year was the first… and last time i went to a pool here*! i really was excited, swimming and all! but i realized i was the only person who tried to swim!

    in fact i didnt.. since all the posers umm i mean “swimmers” were just standing there in the middle of the pool making it impossible for anyone to actually tr to swim!

    *I am from Jordan

  6. neex says:

    so porn stars but without the porn …. shame

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