Where Do Babies Come From? Do You Really Need To Ask?

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Remember a few years ago, when the “Dirrty” video by Christina Aguilera came out? Remember being shocked at the amount of nudity and how raunchy the video was? I remember, and I also remember thinking “It CANNOT get worse than this.” Boy was I wrong.

Ever since then there have been countless of times where I’ve been shocked over and over again.The last few times included ANY video by Lady Gaga, the last couple of songs by Rihanna (with lyrics including “I like the way you pull my hair” and “Tonight I’m a let you be a rider”), and many many more.

What are these songs teaching any kid who turns on the T.V or listens to the radio? These videos are being placed on countless channels during the day! Now, when I go back and watch the Dirrty video, I think “Wow this is so tame”. Times have sure changed.


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8 Responses to Where Do Babies Come From? Do You Really Need To Ask?

  1. Patrick says:

    uhm, have you ever seen the video “How Many Licks” by Lil Kim?

  2. iRoody says:

    I hear in Lebanon they have the same videos, so why show them Lady GaGa? Stick to Hayfa and co… khallina 3al balade 😉
    Scary world we’re living in…

  3. theskylarker says:

    I’m pretty sure ‘boom boom pow’ is now a legitimate adjective too

  4. Lady Lemon says:

    I actually did a project on this sort of crap – it’s actually just a vicious circle. The media studies people to get ideas for television and marketing ideas to sell movies, music and other products. Kids watch this crap, listen to this crap – act like what they see, then the media gets that from society and puts it on TV.

    I remember when I was growing up it was Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys and girls wearing baggy tshirts and jeans – now I see little sluts walking around wearing mini skirts, hooker boots, wearing make up and carrying purses and cell phones at 7-9 years old listening to Lady Gaga … are you KIDDING?

    And what’s with this Miley Cyrus gone wild thing – she was a fucking role model for children, so yah – let’s just totally go “whore” and convince kids it’s okay to be a whore! >.<

    Good post! Sorry for the rant… ha ha.

    • Hehe not at all! And I know what you mean. The sad thing is that in a few years seeing children dressed as hookers will be the norm! Then we’ll move on to the next controversial thing. What’s worse is that women in power are also influencing young girls to look like little prostitutes so we can’t blame men or the media. The new coined term for these type of women is Female chauvinist pigs. Read up on them 😉

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